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Parts of the story were very beautiful and descripti This story was quite a disappointment.


Parts of the story were very beautiful and descriptive, and it did help when I discovered at the end that some things were based on actual events. But when Mrs. Harlow said some of it was based on her life personally, I kind of got that idea that perhaps she was trying to draw attnetion to herself by making her main character, Jill Winters, look good and be the victim of snobby girls, hateful friends, etc.

But perhaps not. Quarry McDonald was the only REAL interesting character, but I still found it strange that a sixteen year old boy would want to hang out with two fourteen year old girls. Jill Winters and Wendy Taylor seemed to be two modern girls dressed in 's clothing. View 1 comment. This book was amazing!!! It was all about a girl who was staying with her grandma and world war 2 was happening.

She finds out that her friends mom and someone else are working with the German. I recommend this book to any one who likes adventure, and mysteries. Apr 27, Sydney rated it really liked it. Jan 08, Bookaddict rated it it was amazing. I had to read this book for a novel in sixth grade and I fell in love with it.

The fear that Jill has for her mother traveling overseas during World War II is real, yet you can tell she's trying not to worry and enjoy herself in the town of Winter Haven, Maine. When she meets some people, she is afraid of them, such as Adrie Dekker and Clayton Bishop, and she makes friends with others, such as Wendy Taylor and Quarry MacDonald. But her father, being a famous singer, is traveling as well, and wit I had to read this book for a novel in sixth grade and I fell in love with it. But her father, being a famous singer, is traveling as well, and with all the gossip, she worries for both her parents: her father is in danger from saboteurs, and her mother is in danger from the U-boats.

While on the widow's walk of her grandmother's house, Jill sees a strange shadow on the sea, and wonders what it is, but it is gone before she can get another look at it. Jill tries to settle in Winter Haven, but it isn't easy. One day, Jill finds a pigeon, wounded and takes it in to take care of it. A cylinder is attatched to it's leg, And when she opens it, she finds a piece of paper bearing the message "Sonnabend iv," which is some sort of message to a German ally on shore.

When Jill and Quarry release the bird once it's well enough to fly, it goes straight to Clayton Bishop's house, where Jill had noticed a coup of pigeons. But Jill's troubles don't just deal with Nazi spies. A group of ladies, the Crystals, wish for Jill to join their group, since her father is the famous singer Drew Winters. However, when Jill brings Wendy, their friendship takes a turn for the worse.

The Crystals snub Wendy, and it turns out that Adrie Dekker, previously thought to be Wendy's aunt, is really Wendy's mother! With this secret brought to light, Jill becomes suspicious of everyone, even her grandmother, who doesn't tell anyone what she does every Sunday night. One of her grandmother's friends is also German, which adds suspicion. During the annual Fourth of July clambake, it is revealed that the son of one of the residents of Winter Haven was killed in action, and Jill, who had come with Quarry, decides that they should go home. However, she spots Adrie's car by Clayton's house and wonders what's going on.

When the two go into the woods, Jill follows them.

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She spies on them on a cliff, and it is there that she sees U emerge from the water and two men come ashore. Adrie and Clayton are German sympathizers!

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Jill tries to escape on her bike, but she is spotted by Adrie and chased by Clayton. When she locks him out of the widow's walk, he attempts to get up after her, but when Quarry calls, Clayton leaves, but not after throwing the bolt to the widow's walkon the inside of the house, trapping Jill up there. Using a flashlight that Quarry had given her when they left the clambake, she signals SOS to his house, but the battery runs out after a while.

Fortunately, however, Quarry had looked in the right direction, let his father know everything, and his father had contacted Jill's grandmother and the police. Jill related her entire tale to the police and the searched for Adrie, Wendy, Clayton, and the two Germans who had come ashore, but nothing could be found of any of them. Jill returns to worrying about her mother's safety. As she passes by Clayton's old house, she sees members of the army loading the abandoned pigeons into their truck, planning to use the pigeons for their own uses. I won't spoil the ending for you, but I think this is a great wartime novel and I loved it.

Jan 24, Joni rated it it was amazing Shelves: time-ww2 , mystery. Quarry, a local boy, says that "gossip ain't never been so good," and Jill soon discovers he's right kids in Maine and German subs offshore carrying spies. Nov 25, Dayna Smith rated it liked it Shelves: adventure , mysteries , teen-historical-fiction , wwii. Jill Winters, 14, has been sent to stay with her grandmother in Maine while her father, a famous singer, is on a U.

It is the summer of , and German U-boats patrol the shores of the North Atlantic. There are the strange goings-on in Winter Haven. When Jill intercepts a carrier pigeon with a message in German, she begins to suspect that someone in the town is guilty of treason. After the town's July 4th clambake, her life is Jill Winters, 14, has been sent to stay with her grandmother in Maine while her father, a famous singer, is on a U. After the town's July 4th clambake, her life is threatened when it becomes clear to the spies that she has figured out their identity.

A fun and enjoyable historical fiction read. Sep 24, Rebekah rated it it was ok. I first read this book when i was 10 years old. I loved it then, I loved the suspense, I loved the mystery, I loved the idea of it, I just loved it! I couldn't put it down. But a month ago, I tried re-reading it and once again, I couldn't put it down I couldn't get past the first 5 pages. I'm so ashamed. Jun 20, Kenzie rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. I love this book! It is very slow in the beginning and it is defiantly a Chick-Lit. It is about a girl who has a town full of people who have secrets and this girl has to figure out who is helping the U-Boats.

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Interesting mystery and the people who are helping are people you would least expect!!!! Jul 06, Nicole rated it it was amazing. It was an amazing book! It was a bit different at first because there is no ' I ' in the story but by the end it was fine. The way that the author tells the story really connected me to the book and made it hard for me to put it down.

Nov 14, Riley Cruse rated it it was amazing. Jun 03, eliana rated it did not like it. I read this for school and did not like it I feel like the writing is awful and repetitive. Jill seems more like an eight year old than a fourteen year old. It was so hard to get through. Oct 20, Reagan Peterson rated it really liked it. In the beginning of the story Jill, daughter of a famous singer, is sent of to live with her Grandmother in small town Winter Haven, Maine.

Reluctant to go, she eventually agrees. Her mother is on a dangerous trip across the ocean to visit her sick brother. Jill's father, Drew Winters, is on tour in Manhattan, leaving no one to take care of Jill. Once Jill arrives in Winter Haven she meets up with her Grandma. She then has an argument with a girl she meet on the train.

They make up afterwords th In the beginning of the story Jill, daughter of a famous singer, is sent of to live with her Grandmother in small town Winter Haven, Maine. They make up afterwords the Wendy, the girl Jill is now friends with, ended up coming over for diner at Jill's grandma's house the next dad. Grandma lends Jill an old bike, and she rides around the town. Jill then meets a boy named Quarry with a strong jersey accent. Wendy, Quarry, and Jill become close friends from then on. The town has a club for boys and girls called the Crystals and the Rocks. Wendy desperately wants into the Crystals club.

She has Jill ask the girls "leader", Elena, if they can be included. The girls invite Jill to their club, but not Wendy. Wendy gets angry at Jill, and stops talking to her and visiting. Jill, then finds a carrier pigeon with the word "Sonnabend" on it. Jill thinks it's from the Germams. She tells Quarry about the word, and together they try to find some suspects. They have now assumed that a man named Clayton Bishop is behind the scheme. She then sees a German U-boat and reports it to the police. From there on out life gets better for Jill, her mom came home safely, and her dad is almost finished with is tour.

Jill still doesn't know where Wendy is, but is she happy to not be caught up in the drama of Winter Haven. In all, Shadows on the sea is a great historical fiction book, about life during the war, from a bystander's point of view. It has many great lessons in it to. Shadows on the Sea. The Cliffs at Pourville". This is a faithful photographic reproduction of a two-dimensional, public domain work of art.

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In other jurisdictions, re-use of this content may be restricted; see Reuse of PD-Art photographs for details. The following other wikis use this file: Usage on el. Structured data Items portrayed in this file depicts P Jill immediately makes two friends—Wendy, who, as Jill later discovers, is considered a pariah by the community, and Quarry, a salt-of-the-earth country boy.

Against the backdrop of Jill's fears about her parents' safety, smaller intrigues play out. What is the purpose of her grandmother's secret Saturday night meetings with a group of women, among them a German?

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Why is their strange neighbor breeding pigeons he claims they're for food, but Jill thinks otherwise? And why are the Crystals, a local girls' clique, so determined to blackball Wendy?

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Harlow does an excellent job of describing the hardships of war on those back home, when rationing and a heightened sense of caution transform buttering a roll or turning on a light into something significant.